HANCOM Mobility is a small company but strong group of experts who are leading the changes in our lives by fusing the parking technology and the core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Building parking ecosystem 

    Ranked as a shared company in Seoul 2019. We will create a sustainable shared parking ecosystem.

  • Leading parking culture

    Establishment of  the pure-hearted parking culture based on the know-how and insight accumulated for about 30 years in the field of parking.

  • Flexible and fast

    Resolving parking problems by applying innovative technologies flexibly and quickly in response to an era of rapid technological change.

IoT-based Parking Airbnb

Business model that can profit by sharing parking space during idle time.

Local Goverments
and Partners
and Patents

KC certification: Certificate of conformity for broadcasting communication equipment
LoRa Certificate: Certificate of Device 

Patent 1. Parking lot information provision method and system
Patent 2. Parking management system and method
Patent 3. Vehicle detection system
Patent 4. Parking vehicle detection device and method using electromagnetic waves
Patent 5. Control method of unmanned park-barrier device Using wireless communication
Trademark Registration: PARKINGFRIENDS & ParkingFriends logo


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