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CEO Message

Thank you for visiting Hancom Mobility.

HANCOM Mobility launched the IoT shared parking business for the first time in Korea, and is currently expanding the sharing parking business not only for 25 municipalities in Seoul but also for the metropolitan area and metropolitan cities all overthecountry.Wehaveconfidentofperformanceandquality that is not behind compared to any parking sensor in the world. However, HANCOM Mobility will continue to research and develop more innovative parking sensors rather than pride in havingtheworld'sbestparkingsensortechnology.Recently,wehavesucceeded in developing a new IoT parking sensor based on LoRaWAN communication system, and are preparing to expand the ParkingFriends system that can search and make reservation usingourIoT parkingsensor notonly outdoorsbut alsoindoors.Asa result,we are also looking for opportunities to collaborate with the operators of LoRaWAN Gateways in each country. HANCOM Mobility believes that it will contribute to the design ofsmartcities bypredictingthedemand and supplyof futuremobilitybasedon thedata collected through IoT parking sensors and using it in urban planning and urban policy. In addition, we are preparing a parking lot-based MaaS platform that canserve asa hub for various mobilitiesasan unmovingmobility infuture.HANCOMMobilitywill continue to make efforts to create future value by utilizing rapidly changing technologies.



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